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   farm road 168 gardens

Farm Road 168 is  a  rural  Missouri Farm established in 1932 by  Paul and Gladys Pursley and is located only a few miles from Harvest. Tamara, the farmers daughter, grew up on this farm milking jersey cows with her dad & brother.  On Thanksgiving Day 1932, her grandparents drove six jersey cows, a horse and a donkey from Turners Missouri to this farm and started their lives together. It began to snow around noon. Gardening and sustainability was the way of life in those days. Many of the heirloom flowers and plants are here because of Gladys, Tamara's granny and her dad, Thomas.  Daily, Tamara is happily caring for and enjoying the many "old time" flowers/plants as many are older than she is! Produce grows in the original location of the farms first garden and in many raised beds around the farm. Now in its third generation we are humbled that a selection of produce, berries and herbs  featured on our weekend dinner menu are grown right here on farm road 168, by the farmers daughter, as it should be.


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